Meekermark flower power

Part of our vision for The Meekermark is fields of wildflowers and color. To accomplish this we have been studying how these flowers grow and trying to become our own experts so that our guests are greeted with acres of beautiful flowers and bluebonnets from spring through summer.  Our flower fields will add another visual element to our photographically inspired experience we’re creating for our future guests.  To accomplish this we’ve reached out to one of the nations experts in this field.  John Thomas is the owner of Wildseed Farms in Fredericksburg, Tx. John has 35 years of experience growing acres and acres of wildflowers at his farm called Wildseed Farms

Back in October, using Mr Thomas’ recommendations on how to best prepare the soil for seed and some bags of seed they sell I started 3 patches of wild flower planting’s which will bloom in the spring. Once we see which flowers bloom we’ll know which flowers will grow the best with the soil type we have in Magnolia and we can begin our planting strategy for acres of blooms for 2019.   I’m most excited about the patch of bluebonnets. They are a finicky bunch but I am seeing them sprout already. I used to think bluebonnets sprout in the spring but they don’t. These little bugers will sprout a few leaves in the fall and stay that way all through winter until late March when the temperature is just right. Then they will grow and bloom.  Here are some photos of what I see when I get down on my knees in the middle of our meadow!   



bluebonnet sprouts.  


bluebonnet seeds look like little pebbles and can stay like this for 5-6 years but as soon as they touch soil, water and sunlight they start to grow in the fall. Amazing!   

Mark Meeker