The Meekermark Team

Creative professionals working together is like a great recipe.  That's what we are!  Complementing personalities working together to create amazing experiences and exceptional products.  We can't wait to meet you!



Christine Meeker

Christine is a talented creative professional and is the founder of Meeker Pictures and Co-Owner of the Meekermark with her husband.  Her favorite thing is planning for vacations and still loves living behind her camera bringing out the best in people. 


Mark Meeker

Mark is a senior photographer, serial entrepreneur, proud father and committed husband.    


Amanda Vela

Amanda is a girly-girl in love with everything weddings since she was a little girl.  She's a photo director at Meeker Weddings and the center of business development for all things Meeker.

samantha meeker

Sam is a recent graduate from LA Film School in LA.  She loves film production and can usually be found at her desk with her headphones on while editing videos. Sam is in charge of all our social media here at Meeker. She has a tattoo that says "Enjoy Today."


Lori Webster

Lori is your best friend (or she will be). She's frequently the first voice you will hear when you contact us.  She's a great cook and frequently makes lunches at work for the whole team on her cute little grill.


Jennifer Bush

Jennifer is a veteran Meeker team member. She is an excellent wedding photographer and a part of our new facilities management team for The Meekermark.


Summer Anderson

Summer is a photo director for weddings and also works as our Vendor Relations Manager for The Meekermark wedding venue.  Summer is always smiling and willing to help at a moments notice.


Charlie is an English Cream Retreiver and he's our studio dog.  He loves greeting people at the door when they arrive and sleeping the rest of the time.